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“Soulman fuses white rock with black funk leaving your audience completely arrested”

Soulman Is A Seasoned And Experienced Performer
A veteran singer and inspirational performer with vast international stage credits to his name, Soulman is a diverse vocalist who is mesmerizing in any genre, be it jazz, blues, rock or gospel.

Soulman Is A True Entertainer

Soulman’s stage show is truly unforgettable. At ease interacting with the crowd Soulman knows how to have everyone the on dance floor moving their hips.

Soulman Is Quality

Soulman has entertained corporate Clients such as Telstra, Qantas, The McGrath Foundation, Canteen. He is renowned within the live entertainment scene and is high demand all throughout the year.

Soulman Band is available as 2-8 piece band.

To secure Soulman for your next successful event speak to Sydney Party Bands today.

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